I am a passionate computer science background engineer who is looking for a better opportunity to get myself better every day. I am a fast learner. Can adopt any type of work environment and give my fullest. My hobby is traveling and learning about other cultures as well.​

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The blogs are about my own experiences and personal observations.

Questions & Answers

Here are some questions and answers about me

I believe myself as a fast learner. The most interesting thing about me is I am “curious”. I can blend in any situation and can work under pressure. Considering myself an open-minded learner I never hesitate to ask. I can literally learn anything from zero within a short period of time.

As a tech lover, I love to know about technologies. I have some knowledge about “Machine Learning” area, as I am still learning about this domain by myself. Otherwise I love to develop web and desktop applications. I am seeking for professional growth in software development and engineering.

I consider myself as a travel lover and a foodie. I love to try out different cuisines. I have by far visited 2 biggest countries so far (USA and China). Different people from different backgrounds and cultures always taught me valuable lessons that I cannot gain from textbooks. I also love to play online games on computer. “League of Legends” and “Counter-Strike Global Offensive” have been my most played games ever.

What Others say about me

Testimonials of some talented people that I have worked with and mentored.

This is to certify that MD. MOBUSSHAR ISLAM, has successfully completed his internship program in my laboratory class as a Teaching Assistant. During the period of his internship, he has completed all the tasks assigned to him and adhered all the rules and regulations. To the best of my knowledge, he did not do any no-disciplinary activities. We wish him every success in his future undertakings.

Lecturer, American International University-Bangladesh
AIUB Robotic Crew Science Lead

Mobusshar Islam is a very talented and innovative individual who knows how to assess a problem and find a unique solution for it. He has the means to creatively solve a problem while maintaining proper protocol and has a sharp judgement of professionalism. He is also a team player and always tries to do what is best for the team. Alacrity is one of his most prominent characteristics and it is what makes him a valuable team player, programmer and employee. He has my highest recommendation. Good luck.

I have worked with Mobusshar. He is so passionate and enthusiastic about technology. He is so good at managing a team. As a team leader he is also an example for the youth. I am honoured to work with him.

Product Manager of iGV at AIESEC in Bangladesh
Assistant General Secretary at AIUB Computer Club

Mobusshar Islam is a person who can blend in every situation of any sector. Got to know him during a National Hackathon and in the Exchange Program to China , where the communication skill was the most catchy personality of him. The URC 2019 was the platform that proved the tech enthusiastic character of him. And must say a quick learner with creating instant solution of any problem ability defines Mobusshar Islam as well.