Interview experience at INFOSYS for Internship

Interview experience at INFOSYS for Internship

Being a fresh graduate in Computer Science I have been searching for internships across the globe. Why across the globe? Let’s say I was looking for a way to travel and also have new experiences in different cultures than mine.

I was very new to this world. The world of job seekers and providers. I didn’t have any experience on how the work culture might look like. So pretty much I have been searching for companies who have better opportunities and a good environment also.

One day my friend and I saw this circular on AEISEC global talent program. It was a circular of INFOSYS hiring interns. Those who don’t have any idea how big Infosys is let me tell you it is India’s second-largest IT company. So the deal seems pretty big and life-changing. We felt like we should give it a try and let’s see what happens.

Let me tell you about the opportunities they will be providing. First of all, Infosys had the best Internship opportunity across the globe in 2019 according to Vault. Secondly, It’s a paid internship opportunity with a 50,000 Indian rupee stipend. Sounds pretty cool right? Third, they will provide airfare, living cost, and meal costs, etc during the Internship. Last, it will give us the best experience we might have as a fresher and also it will look so cool in our CV also. Jokes apart, we were looking to work for any domain who can put their faith in us and give us a chance to prove ourselves.

This is to clear that, the following story and the writings are based on my honest observations and my own experience. I wanted to share this to motivate other fresh graduates like me.

The whole process consists of 3 steps.
  • AEISEC selection round:

In this period, we had to apply through Aeisec in this offer. It’s better you read out through the whole offer and the requirements. After checking out all the criteria me and my friend applied for our desired application. To be noted, there is a small contribution fee to pay Aeisec if we got selected and willing to take the offer. Still, it didn’t bother us. We were looking forward to this opportunity.

In this selection period, Aeisec was the third party to review our CV and check the authenticity of our educational background. It severely takes 7 days to evaluate through the process.

  • Infosys selection round:

After getting evaluated we were selected from AEISEC for this program. But unfortunately, my friend decided not to go further as he was busy with some other opportunities. Anyways after this, it’s only me standing now. After AEISEC forwarded my CV to Infosys they seemed like selecting my CV and shortlisted me for an interview. After so many days I totally didn’t expect this news. I had a call with the AEISEC president of Bangladesh and had a chat with him over the phone. I must say he was very helpful in as many ways possible. I feel so grateful to him for his guidance.

As it was my first-time interview in such a big company like this I was quite nervous, to be honest. I literally had no idea what an interview would look like. What type of questions I might get asked? Do I have to code in front of them? Or do I have to perform a task? What area should I choose to talk about? Should I tell them about my hobbies? etc etc. I had so many things going on in my head.

To get prepared for my interview I had been searching in every place, asking every people, searching every solution on how to deal with interviews. I saw other people’s interview experiences and failures. I have been learning, actually learned a lot during this period. Some people also suggested me to talk with other professionals to see what they look for in a candidate. I had been watching TED talks also about how to crack the interview. There are plenty of videos about interview experiences on youtube. This helped me a lot to overcome my fear of interviews.

So, the interview was supposed to be telephonic as it’s a foreign country and I stay in Bangladesh. We discussed a time to set the interview for. It was 10th March 2020 from 3:00 to 3:30 pm. Though I didn’t expect the interview would be this long. 30 minutes seems a pretty long interview as an Intern. Still, I was well prepared for this interview.

  • Interview:

Before the interview started there was a call on my phone to give me a reminder of the interview. I picked it up and I said, “I am ready”. Actually I was, I was super ready at that time. I felt like this boosted energy coming up right at that moment. There was a chanting in my mind saying, “I can do this, I can do this”. Sorry for being too dramatic, but I hope you guys get the idea of how hyped I was.

Anyway, After 5 minutes later I had the call. There were two gentlemen from the HR department who were there on the other side to take the interview. Again a reminder, the interview was telephonic not skype or zoom or any software, just telephonic without videos, only voice calls. This lowered my anxiety a bit. And on the other side, It’s me sitting on my chair wondering to answer every question.

At first, we had our greetings and introduction. I introduced myself and start telling them about myself. After this, they asked me about the first thing on my CV. At this point, I thought we could chat a little bit about myself more. So I explained to them about my projects, my skills, my achievements, my thesis, etc.

The very first mistake I made as a fresher was including every topic in my CV. I have been working on various projects from different backgrounds in my university time. For example, I had done various projects based on Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, Robotics, and so on. By including everything on my CV I had to explain a lot more to them as each language or domain had different purposes in the software world. But what would I do? I didn’t know what to put there in my CV as a fresher. I had a ton of experiences but explaining them in 30 minutes seems so much shorter. Thus, I thought why 30 minutes was not enough for me to explain all of this myself.

So, after they went through my CV they asked me to pick one language that I feel confident to answer. I picked one and they asked me two questions regarding this. The questions were pretty basics. After answering them, they introduced me to a real-life problem and told me how should I approach to solve this problem. I answered, after that, the interviewer asked me if I had any inquiries regarding their company. I asked some questions about this position and asked what will I be doing if I get a chance. They explained to me well enough. After this long-awaited interview, it was time to finish the interview.


I guess whoever reading this had a question in their mind “DID I GET THE INTERNSHIP?”. Unfortunately, that time Coronavirus hit the world so hard that the whole world including India had to agree on the travel ban until further notice. Still, travels are restricted throughout the world by now. Just like other companies, Infosys canceled their internship program.

This feels like heartbreaking to me but also I believe this is also important for us to stay inside our home and act responsibly. As for my career, I think “This was just the beginning of something”.

  • Things I learned in this period:
  1. Find a reason to motivate yourself.
  2. You are worthy if you know what you’re doing.
  3. Nothing beats the power of self-confidence.
  4. Be positive.
  5. Have a strong mindset.
  • Mistakes I wished to know before:
  1. Including everything on my resume.
  2. Getting nervous would make the situation worse.
  3. Doing more background researches of the company.